October 2, 2014

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Solar Car Team Beats Adversity to Finish Fifth

Principia College’s solar car team placed fifth last week in the American Solar Challenge (ASC), an eight-day, 1,700-mile road race traveling through seven states from Austin, Texas, to Minneapolis, Minnesota. The … Read more

College Reunion: A Weekend of Smiles

More than 500 people attended Principia’s College reunion last month—from a nine-month-old baby to an alum who enrolled at the College in 1935. Renewing old friendships and making new ones … Read more

Making Russian Connections on the Nice Abroad

With a volatile political situation evolving in Russia, Principia’s Russia Abroad switched its destination to Nice, France, a city that has welcomed Russian people on holiday or in exile since … Read more

SETI Institute Hosts Summer Interns Photo courtesy of Gabe Korinek

SETI Institute Hosts Summer Interns

SETI Institute, a nonprofit organization in California whose mission is to “explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe,” hosted three Principia interns this summer. Dr. Laurance Doyle, director of Principia’s Institute for the Metaphysics of Physics and a principal investigator and astrophysicist at SETI, helped match … Read more

Fall Athletes Serve the Community

Fall Athletes Serve the Community

During preseason training, Principia College’s cross-country teams, along with the volleyball and men’s and women’s soccer teams, stepped away from the fields and courts and turned their attention to helping others. They visited Peace Haven, a St. Louis-area Christian Science care facility, to help with landscaping, paint residents’ fingernails, and lead a hymn sing. They … Read more

President’s Update: The Promise of a New Academic Year

President’s Update: The Promise of a New Academic Year

September brings the promise of a new academic year. Everyone has sharp pencils, new books, and starts out with an “A.” As we engage with what Principia founder Mary Kimball Morgan terms “the consumingly interesting business of running a school,” we are determined to stay focused on the two great commandments outlined in the New Testament. … Read more