December 2, 2016

An Evening Focused on the Big Screen

An Evening Focused on the Big Screen
Josh Harmon (left) won best cinematography and Damon Wilgus (right) won first prize
June 5, 2014

The 10th Annual Principia College Film Festival included comedy, silent film, and music video genres. A popular campus event, the evening of student-made, short films delighted the Cox Auditorium audience in early May. With a creative and sharp eye, students, along with several staff members who participated, took the competition to a new level of cinematography and story development this year.

Senior Damon Wilgus claimed first place with his comedy heist film, Partners in Crime. “It was all about making people laugh and having a good time at the festival,” Damon says. “Last year I made a film, Through and Through, which was quite serious in tone. I wanted to switch it up this year and try something new.”

Damon has won first place two years in a row. A business and film studies double major, he’s an avid film buff with a special attachment to caper movies. Damon is moving to Los Angeles later this summer to pursue a career in the film industry.

Plus One (Principia’s a cappella choir) contributed a music video, Give Me Love, which claimed second prize, and senior Leticia Dias’s music video Leticia Dias vs. Leticia Dias won third prize. Junior Josh Harmon was awarded best cinematography for BMCC, a film about visiting his home in California. And the judge’s pick was Melanin by senior Abbie Steckler and junior Bamzi Banchiri, a silent film about an interracial couple and the difficulties they experience when those around them judge their relationship.

Members of the Film Club, which sponsored the event, are already looking forward to next year’s festival. “About 350 people attended this year, and we were thrilled with the response,” says the club’s staff sponsor Mark Dearborn. “We have some ideas to continue to build interest, and we look forward to more creativity on the big screen.”

  • Peter Harmon

    I got a good chuckle and thoroughly enjoyed Damon’s film (Josh was cinematographer on that one, too)– well done! I hope it gets posted soon on YouTube!