December 3, 2016

Dr. Palmer's Update: April 2012

Dr. Palmer's Update: April 2012
April 5, 2012

  • Ann Kneeland

    Dear Dr. Palmer,

    I appreciate the thorough and respectful way you have handled the “Maybeck doors at Principia” question, and shared the thought process and decisions.  Although you no doubt have many larger issues to address, the patience and humility with which you’ve handled this issue exemplifies the Principia spirit.


  • Jill Perry

    Thank-you Ann.  I agree and could not have said it better myself!

  • Jill Rohrer

    Dear Dr. Palmer,
    I agree you have handled it respectfully.  I am also just want to give my support to your decision to sell them if they would be appreciated somewhere else unless you feel The Principia could use them?  If they have been in storage for all these years maybe they would be more loved somewhere else?  I don’t know the details but have just watched so many loved ones hang onto stuff only in the end to have it be a burden in their lives.
    Still glad you are being so respectful and kind.  
    Wonderful Parents weekend.  The career center was so helpful.  Glad we were able to go to some classes too!

  • David Napper

    I agree with Jill Rohrer !00%, Useful and beautiful  Maybeck doors (or anything) should not be wasted by just holding onto them. There must be a use for these doors. Some beautiful trees were cut down do be graciously designed and divinely crafted  into doors. Trees are worthy of their hire. I know you are dealing with this in the right way.
    Thank you.

  • Corikeys

    Thank you, Dr. Palmer, for your thorough research and direct communication concerning the Maybeck doors. I’m grateful Principia is guided by your leadership. You express both conviction and humility in wonderful balance. Having read the background you provided in this issue, I am confidant the doors are secure in the care of the institution they’ve served so well.