December 3, 2016

“Principia Purpose”: An Old Friend with a New Look

“Principia Purpose”: An Old Friend with a New Look
June 2, 2009

June is a big month for Principia. Students receive awards for their achievements, graduates are honored, and this year, a fresh, newly designed Principia Purpose will arrive in homes all over the world. This much-loved magazine, which offers a vital link to Principia news, highlights good things happening on both campuses, and connects Principians far and wide, now has a new look and feel.

Readers’ survey responses helped guide some of the changes to the magazine, including bringing back the “Letters” section in order to foster more dialogue between readers and Principia. When your issue arrives later this month, you’ll see many survey comments published on the “Letters” page. Some readers also told us that they wanted to do their part to help reduce the expenses associated with receiving the magazine (while also being more environmentally friendly). As a result, duplicate mailings to the same household have been eliminated and other steps have been taken to reduce printing and production costs.

Among other changes, beginning with this issue the Purpose will be published biannually, in June and December. In addition, both alumni and friends of Principia will receive the Purpose, which eliminates the need for Progress at Principia. The “Keeping in Touch” section that used to appear at the end of the Purpose has now become its own publication called Connections. Filled with alumni news, photographs, profiles, and reunion information, Connections will be mailed (along with the Purpose) only to alumni.

We’re grateful for every survey response we received—thank you to those who commented. A few remarks, like this one, even made us smile: “The Purpose is like a friend from Principia coming to my home.” We hope you share this reader’s feeling and will be on the lookout for this old friend (in a fresh format) arriving in your mailbox soon!