September 1, 2014

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Faraway Trips Bring Home New Lessons

While hundreds of miles away from their familiar surroundings in three very diverse locations during 2014 “trip week,” Principia Upper schoolers discovered a new appreciation for the concept of home. Exploring … Read more

Making Russian Connections on the Nice Abroad

With a volatile political situation evolving in Russia, Principia’s Russia Abroad switched its destination to Nice, France, a city that has welcomed Russian people on holiday or in exile since … Read more

President’s Update: A Productive Summer, An Exciting New Year

As our first student-athletes return for Upper School sports camps this week, I’m feeling grateful for a productive summer and excited for the new academic year. Classes start at all … Read more

Solar Car Team Beats Adversity to Finish Fifth Photo by Steve Shedd

Solar Car Team Beats Adversity to Finish Fifth

Principia College’s solar car team placed fifth last week in the American Solar Challenge (ASC), an eight-day, 1,700-mile road race traveling through seven states from Austin, Texas, to Minneapolis, Minnesota. The strong finish was all the more remarkable after the car was nearly ruined between the first and second days of the qualifying rounds at the … Read more

Fresh Educational Opportunities

Fresh Educational Opportunities

Expanding academic opportunities, enriching experiential learning, and strengthening curriculum continuity across all levels of the School are major focus areas for the approaching academic year, under new Principal Travis Brantingham. Over the summer, a team of administrators and faculty members reviewed strategy and approaches in all these areas with one common goal in mind—educational excellence. A … Read more

College Reunion: A Weekend of Smiles

College Reunion: A Weekend of Smiles

More than 500 people attended Principia’s College reunion last month—from a nine-month-old baby to an alum who enrolled at the College in 1935. Renewing old friendships and making new ones filled the weekend, along with great entertainment and, of course, education. In fact, one reunioner who enjoyed the classes said, “Delving into different topics was deeply … Read more